Announcing Open Banking Support for Capital One

Today Tiller is excited to announce open banking support for Capital One accounts, with a better customer experience and enhanced privacy and security.

We’re excited to share that Tiller’s next open banking-enabled financial institution will be Capital One.

The open banking connection will be available for existing and new Tiller customers beginning September 14, 2021. 

The two-factor authentication requirements for Capital One customers have been a long-standing frustration. The open banking connection with Capital One will end the requirement for daily re-authentication for Capital One so we’re extremely excited to be able to transition this site to open banking!

The open banking connection to Capital One follows Citi, Chase, Bank of America, Charles Schwab, and Wells Fargo to be the 6th open banking-enabled institution supported by Tiller.

In October of 2020, Tiller was Yodlee’s first partner to offer support for open banking.

Click here to learn how to upgrade your Capital One connection.

Heather Phillips

Heather Phillips

Heather comes from a background of user experience design & customer support. She loves helping others learn, explore and discover better ways to use applications and products that improve their lives. When she’s not coaching customers on Tiller best practices, tweeting or writing blogs, she’s probably at a yoga class, out for a hike in the Blue Ridge, or off volunteering for a variety of non-profits.

Notable Replies

  1. this is outstanding news!! i shuddered all but one credit card at Capital One and only use that one sparingly (it pays outrageous cash back) because of the PIA they were on Twitter. it will be so nice to be able to use them again.

  2. now do bancorpsouth!

  3. Yay! The 2FA has been annoying.

  4. Avatar for MattD MattD says:

    Always great to hear about new financial institutions being added to the Tiller community.

    Will PC Financial be in the near future as well? :slight_smile:

  5. Yay! Thank you everyone who helped!

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