Episode 9: Collaborate on Your Finances and Track Shared Expenses

See how Tiller leverages the secure, user-friendly sharing features of spreadsheets so you can collaborate on your finances with your partner, spouse, or financial planner.

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Edited video transcript:

I’m Peter Polson with Tiller. Now that we’ve organized all our finances in our own private spreadsheet, sometimes a great next step is sharing it with a collaborator that might be a partner or a spouse or an accountant. The collaboration features included with Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel are second to none.

Let me show you how we’re gonna move over to the share button, and from here we’ll click share. I’m gonna enter my wife’s email here and I’m gonna click send. Now that I’ve shared the spreadsheet with my wife, I can leave her a few comments. For example, I might say, can you check this? And she’s gonna receive an invite in her email box when she clicks on it, she’s gonna have full access to the spreadsheet.

Look, actually, there she is. So I can see her face right there. I know she’s in the spreadsheet and I can see if she moves around. The spreadsheet looks like her first step is she’s already in that category and she’s gonna recategorize that based on gear and clothing. Okay, that’s helpful. I’m gonna clear that out because I know that’s the right category.

And then she’s going through and she’s filling in a few of these extra categories as well that were blank and just like that. I see she’s now out of the spreadsheet. If I come back to the spreadsheet at any point, I can of course see the full version history to see what the other collaborators have done in the sheet.

I can also click on an individual cell and I can show the edit history, and that’s gonna show me here. She changed the category from home improvements to gear and clothing. In our family. I generally keep our tiller spreadsheet up to date and I build out the reports and we sit down once a month and we review our finances.

But it’s really helpful for me to share it with my wife because she can hop in at any time and get a quick glance of our finances. She can also jump in and answer questions like she just did. The collaboration features in these spreadsheets are fantastic and I encourage you to take advantage of them.

Next up, we’re gonna look at how to build your net worth dashboard in your tiller sheet. I’ll see you there. Thanks.

Edward Shepard

Edward Shepard

Marketing Lead at Tiller. Writer. Spreadsheet nerd. Get in touch with partnership ideas at edward @ tillerhq.com.

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