Tiller Video Series 10: Easily Track Your Net Worth With Tiller-Powered Spreadsheets

Automatically track your daily net worth with flexible, private spreadsheets powered by Tiller

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Up to this point, we’ve been looking at our Foundation Template and organizing all of our spending, seeing all of our transactions, applying categories that make sense, tracking our cash flow and optionally budgeting as well. Another powerful feature possible with Tiller is looking at our balance sheet, what’s our net worth?

Because Tiller, in addition to pulling in all your transactions, also pulls in all the balances from all your accounts every day. And we can see those balances by sliding over and looking at our balances sheet here, I can see all my assets and all my liabilities now. That’s okay. But the next step is organizing them into groups.

So it’s a quick reference that really makes sense to you. First, I’m going to slide the balances over here, so it’s a little easier to reach. Next up, I’m gonna go and. Make the accounts sheet visible, it’s currently hidden. The other hidden sheet here is a balance history. I’m not gonna go there right now, but just as context every day when Tiller feeds your latest balances from all your accounts, it puts them in the balance history sheet.

So if you’re ever looking for a historic balance for some account, that’s where you’ll find it. On the account sheet, I can pick individual accounts. And I can then assign it to the group. That makes sense for me. I’m gonna put this in the credit card group. I’m gonna do the same for the Chase Freedom card.

Put that in the credit card group. I can fill out the rest of my accounts and assign them to groups. And now if I refer back to the balances sheet here, I can see all of our assets organized by group and all of our liabilities also organized by group. Now, I noticed this credit card here really doesn’t belong because this one is a work card.

So I’m gonna hide that one. And I’m just gonna say hide. Now if I refer back to our balances sheet, That account is no longer visible. Here I can see the total assets of all these accounts. In this example, checking investments, savings, they total 412,000. And in this case, all the liabilities total, 150,000 for a net worth In this example of 261,000, building your net worth in a balance sheet is a really powerful way to use Tiller.

And of course, it’s updated every day with your latest balances. Building out your balance sheet is a really powerful way to track all your assets and all your liabilities. And of course, Tiller’s going keep your net worth updated each day, so you can always view your net worth at a glance.


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