New: Introducing the Tiller Money Community

A positive new forum for spreadsheet and personal finance enthusiasts to ask questions, find solutions, share knowledge, and build Tiller-powered projects.

Introducing the Tiller Money Community, a positive new forum for spreadsheet and personal finance enthusiasts to ask questions, find solutions, share knowledge, build Tiller-powered projects, and connect with the growing community of Tiller Money users around the world.

Ask the Community 

The Tiller Money Community is the best place to ask questions about personal finance, tracking money in spreadsheets, and using Tiller-powered spreadsheets. 

Have a question about the best budgeting strategy? Stuck on a Google Sheets formula? Having trouble with a bank feed? Want to know which Tiller Labs template to use? 

No problem: just ask the Community. 

Tiller Money Community Screens

The Tiller Money Team is Active in the Community 

The entire Tiller Money team is active in the Community. We’re answering questions about Tiller’s various tools and templates, and we’re also posting our questions, challenges, ideas and workflows.

Discover New Solutions

Tiller Labs Add On Hero
Tiller Labs Net Worth template installed via the Tiller Labs Add-on for Google Sheets

When we say solutions, we don’t just mean answers to vexing questions – we mean solutions for managing your finances in spreadsheets. 

You’ll find all sorts of templates, tools, and workflows to experiment with in the Tiller Community. Some are from Tiller staff, some are from Tiller Labs, and many come directly from Community members.

There’s always something new to try.

Share Your Knowledge

If you use spreadsheets or closely follow personal finance topics, it’s likely you have knowledge (and opinions) to share. The Tiller Money Community is listening. 

Share your Tiller Money-powered projects 

At Tiller, we love empowering builders to create their own automated personal finance spreadsheet solutions. 

The Tiller Money Community is now the best place to share, discover, and discuss Tiller-powered spreadsheets.

Ways to Participate in the Tiller Money Community

  • Check out Tiller Labs – it’s where we post experimental spreadsheet Solutions powered by Tiller Money Feeds.
  • Start a Discussion to get feedback, advice, or ask for a solution.
  • Check out the Feature Requests category to post your idea or cast your vote.
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