Tiller Video Series 6: How to Automatically Categorize Your Spreadsheet Transactions

If you’ve used other budgeting tools, you were probably frustrated with their category guessing. But with AutoCat, you get to choose your categories and apply them your way.

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Edited video transcript:

If you’ve used other budgeting tools before, you may have experienced frustration with their hit-and-miss category guessing.

That’s where AutoCat comes in. Tiller is all about flexibility and control, and that includes categories. With AutoCat, you get to choose your categories and apply them your way.

Some people prefer to manually categorize everything, which is a great habit. With Tiller, it’s easy to set up your own category rules based on various transaction characteristics such as description, amount, and bank account. You’ll end up with the right categories assigned to the right transactions every time.

How AutoCat works.

When you create a transaction sheet, you’ll see the AutoCat feature. If it’s your first time using it, you’ll need to install it. AutoCat will insert a sheet into your spreadsheet where you can create category rules. When AutoCat assigns a category to a transaction, it will also note the date, making it easy to track.

Creating AutoCat rules is simple.

For example, if you want all transactions with “Apple tv” in the description to be categorized as subscriptions, you can create and run that rule. AutoCat will apply the subscriptions category to all relevant transactions, and you can see the rule listed in the AutoCat sheet.

Let’s say you want to create a more complex rule for Starbucks transactions. You can use the advanced rule builder and add filter criteria such as the account type. For instance, you can categorize all Starbucks transactions on a Bank of America account as work-related expenses and assign them the reimbursable category. Any Starbucks transaction that doesn’t meet that criteria will be categorized as a restaurant expense.

You can also create and manage category rules directly in the AutoCat sheet. After setting up your rules, simply run AutoCat, and your transactions will be automatically categorized according to your rules.

AutoCat is an excellent tool to ensure your transactions are categorized exactly the way you want them. Thanks for watching, and in our next video, we’ll explore tracking cash flow and expenses. See you there!

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