Automatically Categorize Financial Transactions in Google Sheets with AutoCat

AutoCat Add-On

Your  Categories, Your Rules

AutoCat is a part of the Tiller add-on for Google Sheets. It allows you to quickly categorize transactions based on your own easily modified custom ruleset.

It’s perfect for automatically categorizing recurring transactions, those from the same merchants, and anytime you need to quickly categorize historical data.

Runs Automatically or On-Demand

In any Tiller-powered Google Sheet templateAutoCat can automatically categorize all your financial transactions with a single click. 

It can also run automatically as new transactions are fed into  your Tiller-powered Google Sheet. 

How AutoCat Works

Build Your Ruleset
Craft your custom category ruleset using a variety of criteria. Mix and match criteria to create narrow or broad rules.

Run AutoCat
Run AutoCat on your uncategorized transactions to quickly and accurately categorize months or years worth of data.

Turn on Run Automatically
Enable the automatic run feature to have new transactions categorized as soon as Tiller adds them to your Google Sheet.

How to Get Started with AutoCat

1. Start your free trial with Tiller.

2. Install the AutoCat Google Sheets Add-on.

3. Start building your ruleset.

Need Help?

Click for our free help resources for AutoCat.