New Budget Plan Templates for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel

Now available from Tiller Community Solutions: "Budget Plan" templates for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel

Tiller Community Joseph Fieber has built a useful new budgeting template for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel that we’re excited to share. 

About his Budget Plan template, Joseph says “I’ve been struggling with budgeting. I’ve jumped between using the Categories sheet, the Budget Builder template, and the Category Scheduler template, and though each has its strengths, each falls short of the way I’d like to handle budget planning. I created the Budget Plan template in an attempt to meet all the budget planning needs I could think of.”

Some of the key features of the Budget Plan template include: 

  • Keep a list of all budget items so you don’t have to remember what each category includes
  • Create a budget for items based on any multiple of weeks, months or years
  • Create a budget for items based on last year’s transactions using Description or Category, and increase/decrease using a multiplier
  • Create a budget for items in the month they occur, average them over the entire year, or average them over a specified period
  • Set specific starting and ending dates to increase the accuracy of when funds are allocated
  • Allow budget items to be temporarily disabled so you can keep track of them without their funds affecting the budget
  • Quickly see the annual cost of each budgeted item
  • Quickly see the averaged monthly cost of each budget item
  • Quickly see the minimum and maximum amounts over the year for funds allocated in the month they occur
  • Quickly see the budget amount each month for each budgeted item

Video walk-through of the Budget Plan

Get both free templates in the Tiller Community

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