7 Best Free Retirement Planning Spreadsheets (Updated for 2023)

These 7 free retirement planning spreadsheets will help you plan your financial future and experiment with savings, investment, and withdrawal rate scenarios.

Retirement Planning Spreadsheets

Preparing your retirement takes careful planning that begins years in advance. A spreadsheet is a perfect tool for the job.

With a retirement spreadsheet, you can easily input your own numbers and experiment with different savings, investment growth, and withdrawal rate scenarios. This will provide an accurate picture of what your retirement might look like. It can also help you see where to make changes today to get where you want to be in the future.

(Of course, the future is uncertain, as are long-term rates of return, inflation, and even lifespan, so no plan is guaranteed – but as they say, failure to plan is planning to fail.)

Spreadsheets are also the one financial planning tool you will never outgrow. You can start using one today to budget, pay down debt, and track your net worth. And then in your post-retirement years, you can customize your spreadsheet with a budget that helps you optimize spending and protect your nest egg.

Following a budget can help you save more for retirement and reach your long-term financial goals. Learn about Tiller’s Foundation Template.

Get started with an easy retirement template

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You can build your own retirement planner, but it’s faster and easier to get started with a free template. So here are seven of the best free retirement spreadsheet templates.

These spreadsheets can even help you find the best age to retire. For example, you might want to plan for early retirement, or a hybrid scenario where you keep working part-time or otherwise choose to delay your social security benefits.

A good retirement spreadsheet template should include:

  • your current savings, investments, and net worth
  • years to retirement (or your age at retirement)
  • annual withdrawal rate – usually recommended as 4% of your portfolio, adjusted for inflation each year
  • investment return rate – how much your investments and savings are returning on average over many years, often recommended at 4 – 8%
  • projected income needs for retirement
  • additional income sources as such social security, pensions, or annuities
  • Cost of living calculator
  • ways to model taxes

Note: Getting Your Financial Data Into A Spreadsheet

Most of the spreadsheets below don’t need your actual bank statements or live financial data to forecast your retirement; ballpark figures should work.

However, if you do want to run scenarios based on your real financial numbers, this post explains how to get your bank data into a spreadsheet.

Or you can sign up for a free trial of Tiller for the fastest, easiest, and most accurate way to keep your finances and savings updated in a spreadsheet. Each day Tiller automatically imports your account balances, savings, and spending directly into Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. Learn more here.

Note: Vanguard provides an easy tool if you simply want to calculate your retirement expenses.

Retirement Planning Spreadsheet for Google Sheets

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The flexible and easy-to-use Retirement Planner spreadsheet estimates the value of your savings and investments into the future. Experiment with growth rate scenarios and project outcomes in real time.

Note: Because it’s powered by Tiller, this is the only automated spreadsheet template on the list – it automatically pulls in your daily spending, balances, and transactions to show exactly where you stand each day.

Learn more about the Retirement Planner Spreadsheet

Retirement Financial Planner for Microsoft Excel

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Retirement Financial Planner for Microsoft Excel

Set your retirement goals and determine how much savings you need with this accessible retirement financial planner template.

Enter your age, salary, savings, and investment return information, as well as desired retirement age and income, and the retirement planning template will calculate and chart the required earnings and savings each year to achieve your goals.

Learn More | Download the Excel Template

Retirement Calculator for Microsoft Excel and Vertex 42

Vertext RetirementSpreadsheet b7a781299c564e4071d8f45cbc9a319f 1000

This is a great spreadsheet that helps you track retirement goals, rates of return and inflation, current savings rate, and basic retirement needs.

Learn more | Open in Google Sheets

Couples Retirement Planning Spreadsheet

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Couples Retirement Planning Spreadsheet

Couples choose to manage their individual and combined finances in many different ways, most having individual savings accounts and investments acquired from an assortment of jobs. Understanding the financial contribution that both parties are bringing to retirement can be tricky. This spreadsheet is designed to help.

Note that this spreadsheet is configured in British Pounds, but you can change the currency in Google Sheets.

Learn More | Download the Google Sheet

Retirement Cash Flow Model

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Worksheets from the Retirement Manifesto

From the author of the book “Keys to a Successful Retirement” and owner of The Retirement Manifesto website comes this simple and useful retirement calculator. The website has several other useful financial planning spreadsheets.

More Worksheets by The Retirement Manifesto | Open in Google Sheets

Retirement Spreadsheet Recommended by Reddit

BasicRetirementCalculatorSpreadsheet b384859792d6e5baaaa903be42947a8a 800
Basic Retirement Calculator Google Sheet

The inputs for this spreadsheet include:

  • Working ROI – Estimated annual return on investment during working years.
  • Retired ROI – Estimated annual return on investment during retirement.
  • Retired SWR – Safe Withdraw Rate, or amount (%) of total investment you plan on withdrawing annually during retirement.
  • Savings Rate – Percentage of income you will save during working years.
  • Beginning Bal (EOPY)
  • Salary – Your current annual salary including bonuses.
  • Annual Sal Increase – Estimated annual raise.
  • Est. Mo. SS Benefits – Estimated monthly Social Security benefits, which can be calculated from the Social Security Administration website HERE.
  • Birth Year – Year of your birth.
  • Retire age – Age you plan to retire.
  • SS Benefits Age – If you plan to collect benefits at 64, put 64

Basic Retirement Calculator | Open Google Sheet

Advanced Budget/Income/Net Worth/FIRE Spreadsheet

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The FIRE movement is all about financial independence and early retirement. The very active FIRE community on Reddit has produced several excellent spreadsheets to accomplish the goal. Take a look at this popular detailed spreadsheet for lots of detailed planning and an emphasis on FIRE principles.

Learn More | Open Google Sheet

Retirement Stash Builder Spreadsheet

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This is an easy, simple retirement calculator in Google Sheets to help you see what your financial situation might look like based on several customizable factors like desired yearly spending and current retirement Stash.

Open Google Sheet

Bonus: Net Worth Tracker

Net Worth Tracker Spreadsheet scaled 3bc31e144c8bb056ef95fa7648305685 1000

Whether your goal is to retire at 35 or 75, tracking your net worth can keep you organized and speed your progress. Indeed, tracking your net worth is a powerful way to stay aware of your financial standing, making it easier to prepare for retirement.

It can also help you make smarter money decisions for your long-term financial health.

Read more about tracking your net worth with Tiller →

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