Best Spreadsheets for Bills

5 Free Spreadsheets for Bills to Track Payments and Due Dates

These free spreadsheets will help you track monthly bills, due dates, payments, balances, and more. Save money on interest and never miss a bill again!

While there are many ways to track and pay your bills (including automatic payments), a simple spreadsheet is a great tool for the job.

A bill payment spreadsheet can help you track past and future payments, see how much you owe and pay each month, and (where applicable) show the interest rates on each account so you can prioritize payments before you owe excess interest payments.

While automation is a winning financial practice, many people prefer to manually pay their bills. This can catch inaccuracies, but also help manage cash flow. A bill payment tracker spreadsheet is perfect for people who prefer manual tracking, or a combination of automated and manual bill tracking.

Use a spreadsheet for bills to:

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  • Know what payments are coming up
  • See what you might have to pay
  • Track past payments
  • Track bills with your spouse or business partner
  • See your upcoming bills on the go with Excel and Google Sheets mobile apps

Note: A monthly budget can also help you anticipate upcoming and recurring expenses. Here is a free monthly spreadsheet budget you can download today.

These templates are simple, which is part of their appeal. But if you’re comfortable working in Google Sheets, you can connect your spreadsheets to Google Calendar, use Apps Script to get automated email reminders, and even send texts from your spreadsheets.

Here are five free spreadsheets for bills to keep you in control of your cash flow and account balances.

Best Spreadsheets for Bills

Best Bill Payment Tracker for Google Sheets

spreadsheet for bills
Bill Tracker Spreadsheet from the Tiller Community

Easily track bills you manually pay via check or credit card with this flexible, highly visual bill payment template.

Even better, since it comes from the Tiller Community, it’s compatible with spreadsheets powered by Tiller Money Feeds.

Bill Tracker Worksheet from Vertex42

spreadsheet for bills
Vertex42 Bill Tracker Template

This simple, printable spreadsheet helps you organize your list of bills, then print a copy to use in your budget planner. On the bill tracker spreadsheet page on, you can also download a free PDF version of this checklist.

Open in Google Sheets | Download for Excel

Customizable Monthly Budget Tracker

spreadsheet for bills
Monthly Budget Tracker from Google

Google offers a free Monthly Budget tracker that can easily be adapted for tracking bills. Bar graph visualizations are a nice feature of this template.

Open in Google Sheets

Simple Bill Pay Schedule Spreadsheet from Excel Templates

spreadsheet for bills

This bare-bones bill payment checklist for Microsoft Excel is easily customized and prints nicely.

Learn more | Download for Excel

Bill Tracking Spreadsheet Starter Template

spreadsheet for bills

This very simple template is a good place to start for building your own custom bill tracking spreadsheet.

Learn more | Open in Google Sheets | Download for Excel

Bonus: Use This Simple To-Do List Spreadsheet for Bill Tracking

spreadsheet for bills

If your bills are simple, but you want peace of mind that you won’t forget to pay any of them, you could put them on a simple to-do list.

You can easily make such a list in Google Keep, Evernote, or Apple Notes. If you prefer using a spreadsheet, Google offers a free to-do list tracker template for Google Sheets.

Open the to-do list Google Sheets template

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