Calling All Microsoft Excel Builders

Tiller is seeking Microsoft Excel builders to port our popular Google Sheets templates over to Excel.

Tiller’s development team is proud of the progress we’ve made in bringing Tiller for Excel to parity with Tiller for Google Sheets.

And now there’s more to be done! Within the Tiller Community, you may have seen requests to port some of the popular Tiller Community templates for Google Sheets over to Excel.

Tiller is investing in porting some of these templates to Excel and we’d love to do this work in partnership with you.

We’re eager to build deeper relationships with a few Excel builders in the Tiller Community as we make several of these templates available.

This work is a little different from the freeform work we celebrate in the Show & Tell section. These projects are work for hire, faithfully porting fully-formed Sheets templates to Excel.

Our team will review progress, make suggestions, and follow up until the punch list is run to ground.

We are looking for partners with:

  • Demonstrated success with advanced formulas & complex templates in Excel
  • Proven familiarity with Tiller’s data architecture, conventions, and template best practices
  • A technical, rigorous approach to data analysis & organization
  • Attention to detail in design, formatting, and data organization
  • Clean spreadsheet hygiene

You should have availability to run a template-migration project start to finish in about two weeks including time budgeted for architecture review, comparative testing against the Sheets master, and UX refinements as directed by a Tiller team member.

Depending on template complexity, Tiller will offer a $100 to $500+ fixed bid.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, please fill out this form.

Ask questions and share your thoughts here in the Tiller Community.

Randy Hulett

Randy Hulett

Read Randy's blog posts below. You can also browse spreadsheet templates created by Randy, and see what he's been up to in the Tiller Money Community

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