Here Are the 10 Most Popular Tiller Community Templates

Get a new view of your finances with the top 10 most popular Tiller Community templates of 2024 (so far!).

The Tiller Community has created dozens of free templates for spreadsheets powered by Tiller.

The easiest way to browse these is in the Tiller Community Templates gallery, where new templates are added regularly.

We thought it might be helpful to share a list of the top ten most popular templates for 2024 so far. “So far,” because the most popular templates change throughout the year.

This list looked different at the end of 2023, as people ran reports and created budgets for the new year ahead. And as tax season picks up, this list will change again.

We’ll update this list at the end of the quarter in March, and again at the beginning of July.

Note: “Tiller Community Solutions” indicates templates created by our team members, often @Randy.

1. Categories by Month for Google Sheets

Easily track your spending trends with one glance. This template shows total amounts for all your categories over any timeframe. Conditional formatting highlights higher and lower spending months, letting you instantly see how each category is trending over time.

Minimal setup required – view insights for all categories across all dates with no extra work.


2. Category Tracker for Excel and Google Sheets

The Category Tracker Report for Excel and Google Sheets offers a customizable tool to understand your finances.

Visualize spending and income with pie charts over any date range. See category totals, income, expenses, transfers, and net cash flow for a comprehensive financial snapshot.


3. Net Worth Tracker for Google Sheets and Excel

Easily track the most important metrics driving changes to your net worth over time. See everything from current cash on hand to the value of assets and the impact of liabilities.

Visualize your total net worth as well as trends over a customizable time period. Includes a net worth chart and trends table for up to 12 months of net worth data.


4. Simple Investment Calculator for Google Sheets

See if you’re on track with your investment goals and model how changes to your strategy might impact the end result with this free investment calculator for Google Sheets.


5. Savings Budget for Google Sheets

The Envelope Savings Budget Spreadsheet offers streamlined savings management within Google Sheets. Track savings goals by category, customize budget rollovers, and easily modify budgets. Get historical insights with change-history logging for informed financial decisions.


6. Monthly Analysis for Google Sheets

Visualize your budget, spending, and remaining funds across categories. Compare trends over time to gain valuable insights and make informed financial decisions.


7. Utilities Expense Tracker for Google Sheets

The Utilities template helps you track and keep control of utility costs. Visualize consumption, spending trends, and compare data over time. Get accurate budget estimates based on your historical usage for smarter financial planning.


8. Retirement Planner for Google Sheets

The Retirement Planner integrates with your Tiller Cash Flow Forecast for a comprehensive retirement picture.

Easily set up your plan, visualize growth scenarios, and see when you’ll reach your portfolio goals.

This flexible tool allows for personalized adjustments to ensure your retirement plan aligns with your unique needs.


9. Monthly Budget Calendar for Google Sheets and Excel

by @edward

The Monthly Budget Calendar for Google Sheets or Excel provides a streamlined way to track daily spending within a simple calendar view.

Set your monthly budget, choose your expense tracking method, and easily visualize progress towards your target with helpful sparklines.


10. Bill Payment Tracker


Bonus: Transaction Tracker for Microsoft Excel

Note: This template is moving up the list fast and will soon lap the Bill Tracker above, so we’re adding it here.

Instantly see all transactions for a selected category with quick, prebuilt drop-down filters.

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