How to Link Your Bank Account to an Excel Spreadsheet

Tiller Money Feeds for Excel securely connects your banks directly to your workbooks, and imports all your daily transactions and balances with a click.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful and time-tested ways to manage money.

With your finances in Excel, you can easily track your past spending, create budgets, optimize cash flow, and analyze trends.

You can also share your Excel workbooks with your financial planner or tax preparer. 

Additionally, many people track small business income with tools like Quickbooks, and may also want that data in Excel for advanced reporting, analysis, or archival purposes. 

However, manually importing bank statements into Excel has always been a chore.

You either had to cut and paste data, convert PDF bank statements, deal with messy CSV files, or simply input everything line by line.

So what’s the faster, easier alternative?  

Link your bank accounts directly to Excel with Tiller Money Feeds

Microsoft previously offered a service called Money in Excel that linked financial accounts to an Excel workbook. However, Microsoft is ending support for that product and now recommends Tiller instead.

Tiller Money Feeds for Excel securely connects your bank, credit card, investment, and loan accounts directly to your workbooks, and imports all your daily transactions and account balances with a click.

Microsoft notes, “Tiller also includes key features to help you manage your money, your way. These include a daily email showing your account balances and cleared transactions, support for up to five automated workbooks, the Tiller Foundation Template, helpful US-based support, and a vibrant user community.”

Tiller also includes AutoCat, for automatic transaction categorization 100% based on your custom rules.

Using Tiller Money Feeds

To use Tiller Money Feeds, you first sign up for a free trial of Tiller.

After you’ve signed up, authenticate any banks you want to link to your workbooks in Tiller’s secure console.

tiller console

You then install the Tiller Money Feeds add-in from Microsoft’s App Source store:

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You can then choose which accounts to connect, create custom auto-categorization rules with AutoCat, and install the Tiller Foundation Template:

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