Tiller’s journey to building your financial life in a spreadsheet™, automatically updated each day

From day one at Tiller, we’ve focused on building your financial life in a spreadsheet, automatically updated each day. 

Automated finance feeds are the core of Tiller’s service. We will continue to invest in significant engineering to ensure Tiller provides the best feeds possible. 

How do we define success with data feeds? 

Tiller aims to support all your banks 

Today Tiller supports more than ten thousand US banks. That’s a lot of banks! We see 90% of the volume with the top 50 banks, but if you have a smaller bank or credit union Tiller likely supports it too. 

If you fall outside our bank coverage, our Community offers workflows to import CSVs into your Tiller spreadsheet. 

Tiller prioritizes your privacy and security

We encrypt your data in rest and in transit. Tiller never sees nor stores your credentials. The team at Tiller can’t see your transactions and balances. 

We partner with Yodlee, the most trusted financial aggregator used by the largest US banks, to help us reliably aggregate your financial data. Neither TIller nor Yodlee shares or sells your data, individually or in aggregated statistics, with any third parties. 

Your data is for your spreadsheet, period. 

Tiller keeps you in control

We’re proud to be Yodlee’s first deployment of open banking. Open banking is an innovation from the financial industry to ensure the most reliable, secure, and persistent data feeds possible. 

Yodlee chose Tiller as their first open banking deployment because of our business and engineering model. We worked with Yodlee to innovate a pioneering security audit as part of this process. 

Automatic = faster, easier access to your financial data in one place

With your banks connected to your spreadsheets via Tiller Money Feeds, you simply click “Fill” and your spreadsheets are updated with your daily finances in seconds. 

Depending on your bank, you may or may not need to confirm your authentication regularly. Each bank has its own policy to determine how much time can pass before you need to authenticate again. 

  • Good (a day or two of persistence). Some banks like USAA and ___ provide transaction and balance feeds to Tiller, but they require customers to verify their identity every day or two by entering a password and/or second-factor credential (like a code texted to your phone). Once you verify, Tiller will look back as long as it needs (up to one or sometimes three months) to find any new transactions and bring them into your spreadsheet.  
  • Better (one or more weeks of persistence). Other banks like U.S. Bank and Barclaycard allow Tiller to automatically pull your data each day for a period of a week or two before requiring again your password and/or a two factor code from your phone. 
  • Best (one or more months). Our open banking institutions (Chase, Schwab, Bank of America, Citi, Wells Fargo, Capital One…) represent most of the largest US banks. We help you authorize Tiller directly from your bank website. This connection will then persist for a month (sometimes more) before the bank asks for you to confirm it again. Other institutions like American Express aren’t part of open banking yet, but they provide similarly robust feeds that don’t require regular authentication.

Our objective is to move all banking connections to open banking while creating the most persistent and reliable feeds. However, this will likely take years, as many smaller banks simply don’t yet have the technology budgets to do this. 

Automatic bank feeds are a little like automatic washing machines

Tiller does most of the work for you, but you still have to fold your laundry, put it away, and sometimes care for special fabrics by hand. 

Today with Tiller, most customers have their data updated daily with little to no effort. And we’re working hard to make this a reality for more customers and more banks each day. 

All so you can feel informed, confident, and in control of your financial life, and more easily manage your money, your way. 

Peter Polson

Peter Polson

Peter loves designing great products and creating tools and systems that help people live better lives. He was a founder and president of Junxion (acquired by Sierra Wireless) and later CEO at Dashwire (acquired by HTC). He enjoys most activities around mountains and water, especially skiing and hiking with his family.

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